Booty Barre Workout

booty-barre-photo-4Image via Bicoastal Besties.

A good workout almost always does the trick when I’m feeling down or sluggish. I usually like a good mix of cardio, abs and leg work. I think a challenging ballet class is one of the best workouts you can do, and one of the most fun and beautiful! I danced ballet almost all my life and now that I’m in university and working part-time it’s hard to find time to go to drop-in classes.


Me dancing on the beach in Turks and Caicos!

I’ve been wanting to try out one of the workout classes that takes inspiration from ballet moves for a while, and last night I finally got around to trying a booty barre class at a new gym near my house. The class was really fun and just the right amount of difficulty for me. I liked that it incorporated elements of ballet moves as well as intense cardio and strength work. Most of the work we did was at the barre which was always my favourite part of ballet class.

It incorporated tendu, plié and grand battement variants, as well as lots of work on demi-pointe. One of the more challenging moves we did was squatting on demi-pointe while squeezing a resistance ball. By the end of the class I was sweating buckets and could really feel the endorphins kicking in!

Booty Barre ball at barreImage via Brandigg.

I’m definitely always one to buy into new workout fads, and this is one that I’m especially excited about because I love ballet so much. I’m going to try to go to more drop-in ballet classes, but the booty barre class is a great alternative. Plus it’s important to always keep your workouts varied and change it up often. Next up is boxing class!


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