The Magical Healing Power of Flowers!

photo-2 Too many people today seem to underestimate the power and positive effects of spending time near plants. Whenever I’m feeling down or low-energy, one of my favourite things to do is just chill out near plant life of any kind. Whether it’s going to Plant World to get a couple potted plants, Allan Gardens Conservatory in Toronto, or even just hanging out in my backyard, I think being around plant life and flowers has amazing benefits. Especially now that it’s springtime it’s even easier to find ways to spend time in nature.

Being near plant life in a natural setting always makes me feel instantly happier and healthier. Because of the high levels of oxygen trees and plants put out, being around them can make you feel like you can breathe easier. Not only do they emit positive energy and chemicals, but they look beautiful, too!

Just last weekend I was feeling a bit down and bored, so I went to Plant World looking for a DIY project I could make using plant materials and any other knick knacks they had there. What I found was potted plants and moss, and also an adorable collection of miniatures for making a fairy garden. I set to work and not only did I end up with a beautiful tiny garden, but the process of making it was the best therapy! photo-3So next time you’re feeling yucky, sick, bored or sad, take a walk in nature or make a DIY project working with plants. You’ll be amazed at the beautiful healing powers of the things we see everyday but take for granted!

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