What’s in my Overnight Bag?

Whether I’m visiting a friend in another city or on a road trip across the country, I have a few items that I always have with me when traveling. I like to bring along a few essentials when I’m sleeping somewhere other than home to make sure I stay fresh and relaxed. Below is a list of five of my sleepover must-haves that I always keep in my overnight bag.

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1. Mythic Oil.

When I’m traveling, and especially during the winter, the tips of my hair often become dry and brittle. Mythic oil is a great easy fix to keep your hair smooth and silky if you don’t have time to completely re-do it. I always keep this in my bag if I’m sleeping somewhere other than home. It’s especially great for a night out if your hair needs a quick refresher. It also smells divine!


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2. Floss.

I know it might sound weird, but I always keep floss in my overnight bag, and even my purse! My dentist told me that missing even one night of flossing can have seriously detrimental effects on your teeth, and as I’m prone to cavities, I always keep some floss on me. I love this Satin Glide floss from Oral-B, the texture is really smooth and light.


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3. A Bag of Lavender.

I always keep a bag of lavender on me no matter where I am. I find them especially useful on planes or buses, where you might be plagued with bad smells. The smell of lavender is super relaxing and calming. I bought this one at a lavender farm in rural Québec called Bleu Lavande and I absolutely love it!


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4. Sleep Mask.

Sometimes if you’re sleeping in a hotel or in a friend’s guest room, it can be difficult to fall asleep because of a different bed or more light coming in through the window. I find sleep masks super helpful when trying to get some shut-eye, and I love this one from Wildfox – it’s so cute and girly!


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5. Eye Makeup Remover Pads.

One of my major pet peeves is not being able to remove all of my eye makeup. Waking up with makeup residue around my eyes makes me feel gross and dirty, so I love these makeup remover pads from Almay. They’re great for travelling because they come in a compact jar and they don’t require tissue paper like some liquid eye makeup removers do. These are also really effective if you wear waterproof makeup like I do, because it can be difficult to remove.

What are some of your sleepover essentials? What do you never leave home without?

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