Water Therapy

Ever wonder why people love sitting by the pool or on the beach so much? Or why you feel better just looking at a stream or a waterfall? Sometimes one of the most effective mood-enhancers or anxiety-relieving things to do is sit by a body of water or listen to water sounds. Water is great at helping you relax because of its calming blue hue, its gentle sounds and its natural healing aspects.

Our bodies are 50-75% water, so of course we feel better doing anything to do with water! It has natural healing qualities  because it replenishes our hydration levels and restores our bodies back to normal levels. I often find myself forgetting to drink water throughout the day, and later feeling low-energy or dehydrated. Drinking lots of water can also have wonderful effects on your skin, your hair and can even promote weight-loss.

Not only does drinking water benefit us, but spending time near a large body of water or a water feature can be extremely beneficial. Every time I walk past a pond, a pool or even a fountain in a mall, it instantly has a calming effect on me and I feel super relaxed. Water sounds are also effective because the slow, gentle rhythm of waves or a bubbling stream serves as natural white noise that can lull you to sleep or make you feel completely blissed out.

Next time you’re feeling down, low-energy or dehydrated, drink water, look at water or listen to water sounds! Connecting back to water, the element that gives life to everything on the planet, can be a simple solution to so many problems. I’ve always wanted a huge fountain or waterfall in my home, so check out five awesome water features below!


Image via Beautiful Images.
I love this little stream for a backyard garden – it looks so natural and beautiful, it reminds me of the Fairy Pools in Scotland.


Image via Studio G Blog.
This water feature is absolutely beautiful, and so is this photo! The crystal ball catching the sunlight looks so magical. I would love to have this in my backyard!


Image via Midwest Living.
I love the traditional, regal look of this fountain. It looks like something you’d see in Kensington Gardens in London.


Image via Flat Living.
Something like this in the foyer of a home would be such a great way to welcome guests!


Image via The Owner Builder Network.
I’ve always wanted a rain-wall like this. I love the stones on the ground below it and the natural-looking wood. I’m more relaxed just looking at it!

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