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Every year, about around the time it starts to get cold and dark outside, I start dreaming about beautiful, tropical places I want to visit. When the weather starts to turn towards winter I always find myself popping tons of Vitamin D supplements and staring at pictures of beaches and exotic locales around the world, wishing I was on the beach.

If you have the time and the resources to escape somewhere warm and relaxing, I implore you to go for it! It’s only November and I already feel like I need sun, warmth and salty ocean water to heal. The cold, the snow and the short days start to wear on you physically and emotionally, and it’s really important to take a break and go somewhere more habitable if you can!

Bermuda is hands-down my favourite vacation spot. While the best time to go is probably April or May, it’s really beautiful all year round and can still provide you with an escape to a more tropical climate and ocean views. But if you’re looking for somewhere you can really get your tan on, Turks and Caicos Island is another stunning locale to visit. Some other places I really want to visit but haven’t gotten the chance are Bali, Hawaii, Australia and California (I really want to road trip up the coast next summer! How fun would that be?!).

If you’re looking for something a little cheaper and you live in Ontario or the U.S., a road trip to the (warmer) southern states like Georgia or South Carolina could be really fun. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now – I have a strange affinity to the South even though I’ve never been there before! Another less expensive option is an all-inclusive trip to Mexico or Cuba. They include everything from meals to drinks and you can just relax on the beach all day without ever having to leave the resort!

If a vaca just isn’t in the cards for you anytime soon, check out a few of the places I’m currently dreaming about below!


Image via Travelization.
Fiji looks like such a unique and exotic place. If I go, I would definitely want to stay in one of these amazing huts on stilts in the water! Complete with a glass bottom for watching fish, of course.


Image via Dxing.
I’ve wanted to go to the Bahamas and stay at the Atlantis Resort ever since grade five when my friend went there on a family trip and I was so jealous! It looks like such a magical place. Swimming with dolphins and having fun on the water slide would definitely be musts if I were to go.


Image via Travel and Escape.
This pool at Bondi Beach in Australia is so awesome looking. I always see pictures of it on Instagram and feel like jumping in! It looks so natural because of how close it is to the ocean and the waves.


Image via Tripomatic.
This opening in a rock formation called Hell’s Gate in Antigua is so magical – it looks like the door to another world! Antigua is next on my list of islands to visit (it’s 27°C there right now – sounds like my type of island!).


Image via Boomsbeat.
Santorini, Greece really looks like one of the most one-of-a-kind places in the world! I feel like the water is its own special shade of blue, and the white-washed buildings look so rustic and unique. I would love to be swimming in this pool right about now!

What are your favourite vacation spots? Where do you want to visit in the future?

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