Christmas Card Guide!


There’s something so special about receiving a handwritten card or note in the mail, and receiving a beautiful Christmas card makes it doubly special! This year, instead of sending out un-romantic Facebook posts and texts about Christmas, I’ve decided to participate in keeping the Christmas card tradition going. Sending out Christmas cards is a great way to show someone that they’re special to you, especially if you haven’t had the time to hang out recently.

I’ve always loved writing birthday and Valentine’s Day cards to my friends because you can personalize them with funny details that just you and the other person would understand. While messages sent through the phone or the computer can sometimes feel mundane or impersonal, handwritten, pretty Christmas cards are a lovely, old-fashioned way to give someone that warm feeling in their chest and brighten their day! (And even though writing someone a Christmas card is supposed to make someone else happy, it’s actually a really fun, creative activity that you’ll enjoy quite a bit. But shh… We won’t tell our friends that!)

First things first, you’ll have to choose a design you love and that shows off your own unique personality. Or if you’re super crafty and creative, it would be even more fun and personalized to make your own! Sadly, I’m not that skilled and so I settled for buying a pack.

I bought mine at a local party store. I think they’re so sassy and fun and they express my personality perfectly. The colour scheme is super unexpected for Christmas – I would never have thought to choose that shade of blue for a Christmas card but it works so well! (Hence why I shouldn’t make my own).

Next, you should choose who you’re going to send them to. I decided I would send mine to a few of my former bosses and co-workers, as well as some close friends. Christmas cards are a great way to network and let someone know you still value the time you spent working with them – or would love to work with them in the future.

Finally, and this is the hard part, you have to figure out what to say on the card. This really depends on the recipient. Base your tone on how you would talk to this person in real life. If they’re more serious and professional, stick to that sort of tone. If it’s a close friend, then go crazy and include as many inside jokes that you know will make them smile as possible. Personalize, personalize, personalize! The last thing you want is someone thinking you sent out the same generic, canned message to everyone. The possibilities here are endless – have fun with it!

In terms of when to send them out, this article on (which also covers other tricky things to do with Christmas cards) says to send them out no earlier than a week before Thanksgiving. This gets confusing when it comes to American Thanksgiving vs. Canadian Thanksgiving, but I would say to aim for mid-December, depending on how long your postal service usually takes to mail things.

Of course, make sure you get the address and name of the person you’re sending it to right, and always put your return address on the envelope. And have fun with it!

Do you have any tips or tricks for Christmas card writing?

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