10 Frame-Worthy Affirmations


Sometimes the simplest and most effective way to get out of a funk and gain a new perspective on life is to look at a positive affirmation. Reading positive quotes and words has the power to completely alter your mood, and even more so if the words are set out in a beautiful way or accompanied by a soothing photo.

Some of my favourites are the simplest ones with only a few words and bright, uplifting colours. I think the less words the better because it makes for a quick, easy reminder of what’s important. As for the design, I prefer cheery, colourful graphics because they tend to reflect the uplifting words that go with them.

The best way to change your reality is to change your thoughts, and sometimes a simple phrase or sentence is all you need to set your thoughts in the right direction. Choose an affirmation that resonates with you and that you feel applies to your own life to hang on a wall in your house where you know you’ll see it everyday for a quick mood-booster. Or, if you’re feeling artistic, make your own for a fun, therapeutic activity.

Check out 10 of my favourite affirmations below for some inspiration!


Image via Turquoise Tulips and Bliss.
I love this affirmation as a first-thing-in-the-morning mood booster. It’ll set your thoughts in a positive direction for the day and give you an early morning energy burst to tackle your day. The bright colours are so energizing and beautiful. I also love the greens interspersed throughout the words because they really add a natural, calming element.


Image via Calm Down Now.
As I mentioned earlier, the simplest affirmations are often my favourites because they’re so direct and straightforward. This one really spoke to me because all too often, we get wrapped up in to-do lists, daily tasks and worries and we forget to just be ourselves and do the simple things that bring us joy. Also, the design of this one is so beautiful and magical, it really takes you away to another world!


Image via Beach Babe Fitness.
I often repeat this affirmation as a mantra because it really helps to put everything into perspective and remind me that I can’t do everything at once. I often get down on myself because I haven’t achieved enough or haven’t been productive enough that day, and I have to tell myself that I am enough, and not everything has to be done all at once. I find that the photo of the beach is so helpful because it takes me away from my stresses and worries and it has a seriously soothing effect.


Image via DAMY Health.
This affirmation is so helpful because it reminds me that there is a higher power figuring everything out for us. I often forget that I’m not alone and I’m not powerless, and this helps to put everything in perspective and lets me know that everything will work out for the best. The stars and the rays of light really tie together the cosmic theme of this affirmation and serve as a reminder of how giant the universe is. Look at this affirmation if you’re feeling small and powerless and it’ll remind you of the awesome power of the universe.


Image via Free People.
Again, photos of beaches are super effective if you’re looking to make your own affirmation. The blue of the ocean and the sky at sunset is so calming and beautiful. It really helps to picture yourself there, especially if you’re feeling depressed by the grey and the cold of winter (which I often am). This affirmation is effective because it reminds you to live in the moment and let go of anxieties and worries. Being anxious never has the outcome you want it to, and this affirmation reminds me that it’s always better to surrender the desire to control everything and just live.


Image via Etsy.
This little owl is so adorable with his rosy cheeks! He looks so at peace with the world. I’ve always loved this quote because it’s just so true. Being yourself is always the best option, and it’s way easier and less exhausting than trying to be someone else anyway. I always have to remind myself of this because I often get competitive with others and lose track of who I really am. It’s so important to stay connected with yourself above all, so I love this affirmation as a gentle reminder of what’s important.


Image via Disney.
Not only is the floral design of this one so beautiful, but the quote is so poignant. I think people often lose sight of their own personal power and they tend to place all the power in the hands of others. The only person who can make you happy is you, and I think this quote is a beautiful reminder of that. I also love that Snow White said this! The Disney blog had so many beautiful affirmations, so go check it out for more like this one.


Image via Red Bubble.
If you’re partial to affirmations that are a bit more wordy, then something like this would be great. The colours are so calming and beautiful, I could stare at it all day! If you know me, you would know that I’m magnetically drawn to anything to do with Hawaii, even though I’ve never been there, so this affirmation just speaks to me. If you like this one, you could say it like a prayer every morning when you wake up for an early morning burst of positivity and relaxation.


Image via Huffington Post.
This one also has a great message about being yourself, and it’s written in such a simple and concise way. I love that it’s telling us to be ourselves unapologetically and without fear, because I think too many people are ashamed or unwilling to be open about who they truly are. I often find that when I’m attracted to someone or when I get positive vibes from someone it’s not necessarily because of who they are, but how they feel about themselves. It’s so easy to tell when someone is confident or when they’re worried about what you think about them, and I think this affirmation speaks to that idea. I also love the soft colours, the cursive and the sprigs of green surrounding the words. It’s so calming and beautifully designed.


Image via Etsy.
If you’re looking for a sunshine-y, bright look for your affirmation, then look no further than this design. It’s so colourful I can’t help but be happy when I look at it! The flowers and the adorable sun in the corner really remind me of Springtime. The words themselves really speak to the notion of being grateful, which I think is one of the most important things to remember. I’ve heard countless times that the key to happiness and success is being grateful for what you have, and I couldn’t agree more. Beginning and ending your day with gratefulness is a surefire way to longtime health and happiness.

What are some of your favourite affirmations?

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