Christmas Favourites

Christmas presents piled underneath a christmas tree.
Image via Catholic Vote.

Like every year around this time, I always get a tad bit depressed that Christmas is over. All the excitement and get-togethers have ended and it’s back to the cold of winter and the mundane day-to-day.

However, I’m also left with the beautiful presents I received from my family and friends, so to make myself feel better about the end of the Christmas season I’ll re-cap some of my favourites here.


This quartz crystal pendant from Wild and Heart was one of my absolute favourite Christmas presents this year. I’ve been wanting to buy some crystal jewelry for a while now, and my mom read my mind when she bought this for me. Quartz has been used as a healing property for thousands of years, and many people believe that it amplifies energy and brings you closer to the divine. Also, Wild and Heart is amazing because it kind of reminds me of Free People a little bit with its boho-chic style. They make me want to move out to BC! Get it here.


I’m a total sucker for stationery, and I think this mix of postcards and great literature is so cool! I’m definitely going to send some of these book cover postcards to my fellow book lovers in the New Year. Get it at Indigo.

water bottle

I love this gift because not only is it stylish, it’s practical, too! Staying hydrated is so important so I always bring a water bottle with me wherever I go, but plastic ones can be harmful. This bottle is glass and it’s wrapped in a soft, gel exterior so it doesn’t break. Get it at BKR. 


I can’t stress enough how much I love this mask! I’ve always loved putting cucumbers on my eyes when they feel puffy or irritated and this mask provides that soothing, cooling feeling all over. It feels so great after a long night of Christmas partying and it really invigorates the skin. Get it at Sephora.


Finally, I love this Community Rasa bra from Aritzia because of how versatile it is. I’m sure it’ll become my go-to for day, night and working out because it can easily work for all three! I love how stretchy and comfortable it is and the straps are super easy to adjust. Get it here. 

These are just a few of my Christmas favourites from this year. I’m excited to see what next year has in store! Only 363 days to go…

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