Cooking with Coconut


Lately I’ve been dreaming of a tropical destination where I can munch on lovely fruit like mangoes and papaya and sip on daiquiris. I’ve also just acquired a new addiction to coconut yogurt, which goes so well with berries or granola. Coconut has such a beautiful smell and taste, and it really reminds me of being on a white sand beach or a stunning deserted island. Not only does coconut taste great, but it also provides lots of great health benefits like fibre and fatty acids, all while satisfying your sweet tooth! Check out five scrumptious (and healthy!) coconut recipes below.


These coconut shrimp look so crunchy and flavourful. Pair them with a yummy dipping sauce with a spicy kick and tada – you have a delicious appetizer that will bring some golden sunshine to your guests’ lives in the dead of winter. Get the recipe at Sally’s Baking Addiction.


This bread can be a yummy alternative to banana bread or cornbread for a healthy dessert or an afternoon snack. Baking bread with coconut is so unexpected – it’s such a creative way of incorporating the flavour into your cooking! This recipe is sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Get it recipe at Taste of Home.


I adore Indian food, so I would jump at the chance to combine it with the sweet, nutty flavour of coconut. This rice dish is so interesting and packed with awesome flavours like cashews and chillies for a little spice. Get the recipe at Sailu’s Kitchen.


This smoothie is too mouth-watering for words! Mango and coconut is such a lovely, tropical combination and it’s packed with so many healthy nutrients and vitamins. This recipe will definitely perk up your senses and give you that burst of energy you need to start your day! Get it at BBC Good Food.


And for a little sweet treat, these vanilla bean cupcakes with coconut frosting are the perfect end to a coconut-infused meal. Pair them with some coconut water for a scrumptious, tropical delight! Get this recipe at Epicurious.


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