Workout Clothes I’m Currently Lusting After


Is it just me, or is it actually easier to find the motivation to exercise when you have beautiful workout clothes to wear? When I have a cute new pair of leggings or a stylish new sports bra you won’t need to tell me twice to hit the gym, I’m already there showing off my new items!

More and more brands are coming out with lines of workout apparel, and I love the degree of choice it’s bringing to the active wear landscape. Now you don’t have to buy work out clothes at stores that specialize in athletic clothes and shoes, you can buy them at stores like Victoria’s Secret or even boho outfitters like Free People.

There’s so much variety out there today so you can really express your individuality and personal style through the clothes you wear to exercise. Designers are really getting creative with athletic wear, turning the track at the gym into a runway and making for a very fashionable workout experience.

Some of my favourite workout items right now are the dance-inspired pieces from Free People. Ballet is one of my favourite ways to exercise (check out my post on why I love ballet so much!) and I think the clothes dancers wear are so feminine and beautiful. Gone are the days of having to wear manly track pants and big t-shirts to work out, there are so many stunning, graceful alternatives that are just as comfortable!

Check out a few of the work out items that are on my must-have list below.


These leggings are so feminine and dainty! I love the ballet-inspired look. Get them at Free People.

This poncho is so stylish and it’s such a refreshing change from regular workout sweaters and jackets. I would wear it out for a run on a chilly day to spice up an otherwise boring look. It also looks super warm and comfy. Get it at Victoria’s Secret.

fp hoodie

This slouchy hoody looks too comfy for words! I would wear this on a morning run or over a tight workout tank. Get it at Free People.

This gym bag is so chic! I love how versatile it is – I would use it for school as well as the gym. Get it at Lululemon.

frilly sports bra

I adore the frilly details on this bra, it’s so dainty and pretty! Another ballet-inspired must-have. Get it at Free People.


This wrap from Kate Hudson’s line of workout clothes Fabletics is so stylish and it looks so comfy! I love how it shows a little bit of skin in the middle. Get it here.


These hippie headbands are perfect for keeping your hair out of your face during yoga. Get one at Free People.


These Nike marble-print leggings are so fun! I would pair them with a solid-coloured tight tank like this one in black. Get the pants here.

pirhouette pants

Another fun frilly item! Can you tell I’m into this style? These pants are just so cute, I feel like I need them just to twirl around in (I mean they are called the Pirouette Pant!). Get them at Free People.

Sorry for all the Free People, I’m just a little bit obsessed with the Movement line!

What do you like guys to work out in?


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