Eye-Popping Statement Ottomans

This beautiful patterned ottoman is perfect for the eclectic traveller or the lover of all things shabby-chic! The colours make it so fun and girly. Get one like it here. Image via Chicfetti.

Lately I’ve been seeing some gorgeous and super creative ottomans, an item for the home that is becoming an increasingly important part of a bedroom or living room. An ottoman with bright colour, texture or an interesting idea behind it can make or break a room. They’re pretty much the statement necklaces of décor!

Place one in the centre of your room for a pop of fun to break up your colour scheme and add some life to your living space. Ottomans can really make a bold statement if you’re looking to add a little something extra to an otherwise neutral colour scheme.

Not only are ottomans great statement pieces, they’re so functional as well! You can use them to hold drinks, flowers or books to accessorize and add some finishing touches to your room. And don’t forget they make awesome footrests!

There’s so much variety out there in the ottoman world today. Designers are getting so creative by using unexpected materials and re-purposing the randomest household items to make some really unique furniture pieces. Everything from tree stumps to old wine crates are being used as ottomans and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Check out the gallery below for some ottoman awesomeness.

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