Flower Power!


With all the snow, slush and cold weather we’ve been having in Toronto, I decided I needed to go somewhere that always uplifts my spirits and makes me feel like I’m on vacation: Allan Gardens Conservatory! It’s the most beautiful greenhouse with stunning tropical flowers, palm trees and cacti. It even has Spanish Moss, a type of tree that always makes me envious of people who live in the South because it makes for such a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos! Take a look at these stunning photos from Southern Weddings magazine to see why I’m so obsessed!

I could literally spend hours at the conservatory just looking at all the different plant species and soaking up the fragrant, humid air. My outfit today is inspired by the beauty of the gardens. My oversized floral tunic dress feels so relaxed and flowy, like something a boho flower child would wear in the 60s. I feel so comfortable and myself in this outfit – I swear I was meant to live in the hippie era!

I also love that chokers have come back in style because they were my favourite accessory in the 90s as a little grade-one fashionista! They have such a cool gothic feel and they really make a statement with any outfit – the thick black velvet can change up an entire look!

Take a look at some of the photos of my flower-filled mini-vaca!

P.S. – I’m kind of obsessed with this lipstick. View the credits below to find out what shade it is!





Dress: Free People
Choker: Claire’s (I removed the pendant to give it a simpler look!)
Purse: Michael Kors (Similar)
Lipstick: Glaze in Hue (AC9) from Mac


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