17 Shabby Chic Details to Incorporate into your Wedding

0f3d65f55ecd19949cf32ab07722f4edImage via English Wedding.

One of my all-time favourite aesthetics for the home, the wardrobe and of course weddings is shabby chic. All the antiques, pastel colours and lace reminds me of the gorgeous and romantic Victorian era – which I’m sure I was meant to be born during!

If you know me, you know that I love anything girly, dainty, pink and lacy, so shabby chic style is right up my alley! I also love the slightly roughed-up and unfinished look of shabby chic antiques – it’s so charming and quaint.

If you’re looking to create a traditional and romantic feel for your wedding, look no further than the shabby chic style. There are so many ways to incorporate it into your special day from your cake to your dress to your party favours!

I especially love this look for a spring wedding in the country or at a barn because I think all the pretty pastel colours and floral prints really speak to the lovely season. Your guests will feel like they’re in a whimsical fairy tale or at a 19th Century tea party!

I think shabby chic style is just so ladylike and pretty! View the gallery below for some charming details to incorporate into your celebration.


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