Antigua Travel Series: Long Bay Beach


Today I took a short walk to Long Bay Beach, a beach close to my resort. Because it’s a public beach, it had a really authentic Caribbean feel to it that some of the resort beaches are sometimes lacking.

There were vendors selling everything from aloe to handmade jewelry to water, giving the beach a hustling, bustling vibe. One of the downsides of going to a public beach is that you have to pay for a cot to lay out on, but the pristinely clear turquoise water and white sand made it all worth it.

Because Long Bay Beach is on the Atlantic side of the island, the water was a bit cooler but it made it all the more refreshing when I decided to go for a dip. The chilly water was especially appreciated at around midday, when the sun was high in the sky and giving of the most heat of the day. I’m surprised I didn’t get burnt to a crisp – I was out in the scorching sun for most of the day!

Another saving grace of the island’s intense heat is the beautiful breeze that comes through every once in a while. It really takes the edge off the sun, which can be merciless for a Canadian girl like me!

I’m so glad I took the short stroll to the beach – it was such a beautiful and relaxing experience!

Check out some of the pictures of Long Bay Beach below.

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