Antigua Travel Series: Flash Tattoos


Today I decided to try out my new pack of Flash Tattoos! I had seen them on Instagram a few times before and I thought they were the perfect beach accessory, so I found out where they’re sold in Toronto and bought an Indian/native inspired pack.

I put a mandala on my chest and I love the way it looked with my blue and white striped bikini top, especially with the star pendant in the middle. I also put a dreamcatcher on my wrist because I love that location for tattoos!

I was really surprised by how shiny the tattoos were; the sun really bounces of them and catches your eye! I also love how they’re metallic: that would definitely be a deal-breaker for me if I were to ever get a real tattoo. I love the look of gold on my skin, it’s such a great way to accessorize on the beach because jewelry can be so cumbersome and impractical with the sand and the ocean.

I put mine on this morning and so far I haven’t seen any chips, but I feel like if they did chip it wouldn’t be the biggest deal because they already have an imperfect look to them. I’ll probably just let mine chip off naturally.

I’m so excited to keep accessorizing with these for the summer! I think trendy, metallic gold temporary tattoos is such a novel idea, especially considering the recent tat trend. They’re a great alternative for scaredy-cats like me who would never have the courage or the decisiveness to go get a real tattoo but would love to know what it’s like to have one for the day.

Check out some more photos of my tattoos below!


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