4 Super Simple Ways to Improve Your Health Today!

The other day I saw a documentary on centenarians, who are people who live to be 100 or older. I found it so amazing that they could live so long and still look young, healthy and able. The part that I found the most interesting was that they didn’t have any crazy secrets or unorthodox routines to help keep them healthy: they just followed the same simple advice we’ve all heard time and time again like eat real foods, exercise and keep your mental health in check.

There are so many other seemingly obvious yet underrated ways to get healthier everyday. It doesn’t always take a perfect diet and twelve personal trainers to be a healthier you: sometimes it’s just about making a few small choices a day that can lead you in the right direction.

While I’m by no means an expert, I do know what works for me and I know what I’ve heard many times from doctors, health books and documentaries. I truly believe that our minds and bodies are completely connected and that taking care of your body has a major effect on your mental health and your mood. When I exercise and eat healthy, I honestly feel happier! It’s that simple.

Check out my list of a few small changes you can make in your daily life to keep your body and your mind healthy, without breaking the bank on fad diets or trendy workouts.

  1. Walk more. Sometimes all it takes to set your health in the right direction is a few baby steps – literally! Walking is one of the most beneficial exercises you can do. It speeds up your metabolism and gets everything in working order, and it’s so simple! Try to walk more throughout the day so that your metabolism is constantly at work. The great thing about walking is that we do it all the time so it’s already second nature; you won’t have to learn some complicated new discipline or make any drastic changes to your muscle memory. All you have to do is walk when you normally wouldn’t and you’ve already made a big change you can be proud of. Take the stairs when you’d normally take the elevator, walk when you’d normally take the subway, or go pick up your lunch instead of getting it delivered.
  2. Drink more water. I recently saw an interview with Elle Macpherson the model (also known as The Body!) in which she said that she drinks three litres of water a day. Yes, three whole litres! So you do the math: drink three litres of water a day and you’ll look like Elle Macpherson. Well, maybe not! But it will without a doubt have a positive effect on your skin, your hair and most importantly, the inner workings of your body. Drinking water helps to move everything along in your bod, therefore speeding up the digestive process and helping to remove toxins. Not to mention it helps you feel more full so you won’t overeat. You’re probably already drinking lots of bevies throughout the day, so why not switch up your diet coke or coffee for water? It can’t hurt!
  3. Eat more whole foods. If you make sure that most of the foods you’re eating throughout the day are whole and unprocessed like fruits, veggies and meat, then you know you’re eliminating the amount of yucky stuff you’re putting into your body. It’s all about being mindful about what you’re eating, and there’s nothing healthier or more nourishing than food that comes straight from the land. Diets like the Whole 30 and the Paleo Diet are proof that eating whole, unprocessed foods is extremely beneficial and worth trying out! The more real, natural food you’re eating the better!
  4. Meditate. I truly think meditating is so beneficial to your mental and physical health. I think a lot of people get intimidated by meditating because they think you have to be an expert right away, but it really is as simple as taking a few quiet moments for yourself to de-stress and let go of your daily worries. If you never let your mind breathe and be still then how will your body feel? For me, I find what works best is finding a quiet place (preferably in nature) where I can sit and focus on my breath. I’m also a big fan of guided mediations, try this one out if you’re a beginner!

As I said before, I’m by no means an expert at any of these things and I’m still working everyday to try to implement them into my life as best as I can. Nobody’s perfect and you will have days when you fall off the health-train, but the most important thing to remember is that it’s never too late to get back on!

Do you guys have any tips and tricks for staying healthy and happy? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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