Scrumptious Saturday Night Cocktails to Sweeten Your Weekend


Everyone has their go-to Saturday night beverage that they order without a second thought. You know the one: you’ve probably been drinking it for as long as you can remember and you’ve become accustomed to its sweet, tangy taste or its deliciously satisfying bubbles. Well, as comforting as that drink is, sometimes it can be equally as comforting (and way more fun!) to think outside the box and order something completely new and different.

There are so many drinks I’ve seen on drink menus before but still have yet to try because I’m so used to ordering my usual white wine or rum and coke. But the rare time I do step outside of my comfort zone and order that peach bellini or blueberry mojito I’m always so glad I did. No one can say they’ve tried every single drink or food item out there, so there’s always an opportunity to experiment and have fun with your weekend bevvies.

Sometimes the best cocktails are made with the most random assortment of liqueurs and flavours. Part of the fun of trying new recipes is finding out which ingredients work together and which ones should never be put into the same tumbler together. Either way, trying out new cocktails always makes for a super fun weekend passtime, especially in the warmer months (which are slowly but surely on their way!).

Click through the gallery below for some party drink inspiration!


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