Canada Blooms

IMG_0243Every year around this time I get so excited to go to Canada Blooms, a gardening and flower show in Toronto. It always has the most beautiful setups and displays with tons of gorgeous flowers, waterfalls, fountains and gazebos. They also sell lots of beautiful little trinkets for the garden and from the garden, like lavender bath and beauty products.

I love walking through the stunning gardens and displays at the show; it’s always so inspiring to see some new ideas right before the spring and summer. It really gets you excited for the coming warmer months (in case you weren’t excited enough already!).

One of my favourite displays this year was a garden inspired by fairies. Everywhere I looked there was a tiny little fairy statue or a miniature tree house. There was even a massive, moss-covered troll hidden among the flowers and trees; I didn’t even notice it was there at first because it looked so natural and camouflaged with greenery. It was such a cute, whimsical display and it was so different from everything I’ve seen there in the past.

Another highlight of the show was a backyard setup with a gorgeous rain wall as a focal point. My future home will definitely have to have a water fixture like that one in the backyard. It was so beautiful and I felt so relaxed just looking at it! The rain wall, or any other water fixture for that matter, is also a plus if you have noisy neighbours because the lovely, babbling sound of the falling water covers up anything you might not want to hear and creates a soothing, peaceful atmosphere for your backyard oasis.

The show really was a feast for the eyes (and nose!) and I had so much fun strolling through the beautiful displays. It takes place at the Direct Energy Centre and it’s still on until the 22nd, so if you’re in the area why not go check it out?!

Click through the gallery below to see more photos from Canada Blooms!

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