What I Wore Wednesday: Rainy Day Plaids

IMG_1195Today the weather was chilly, rainy and misty – and I loved every second of it! Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved rainy days; it must be something to do with my Scottish roots.

In honour of the rainy, windy days residents of the Isle of Skye, Scotland experience on the regular, I decided to don a few (yes, multiple) of my favourite plaid items including my Burberry rain boots, a warm plaid shirt and a rain hat with a blackwatch ribbon around it. (Sidenote: the hat was even made in England, giving it a super authentic feel!)

I think mixing plaids and patterns makes for such an eccentric, British-inspired look, and I love the controlled chaos it brings to an ensemble. When styled well, mismatched colours and patterns can make for such a cute, quirky and rough-around-the-edges look.

In hand, to shield myself from the wind and rain, I had my navy blue umbrella from Talisker Distillery, the only Scotch whisky distillery left on the Isle of Skye. I did a tour of the distillery last summer on my trip to England and Scotland. The building is perched on a jut of land right on the ocean; raindrops, mist and heavy fog were all around me. It was such a magical, beautiful experience, especially for a rain-lover like me, so I bought an umbrella to commemorate it.

Finally, these corduroy pants are super stretchy and comfy. Their nude colour and long, vertical grooves make them so flattering – it almost looks like I’m not wearing pants if you squint!

This outfit was so warm and cozy – perfect for the weather. I just love rainy days! How do you guys feel about them?

Check out the gallery below to see more of my look.

Top: Aritzia (Similar)
Pants: Legs Beautiful (Similar)
Hat: Hats Off Oxford (Similar)
Umbrella: Talisker Distillery
Boots: Burberry (Similar)

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