Saturday DIY: Six Ideas for Upcycling Your Crystal Skull

IMG_1618While Crystal Head Vodka is super smooth and high quality, I’ll admit that the only reason I bought it was so that I could use the empty skull as decoration! When I saw it at the duty-free shop at the airport I immediately knew I just had to have it. I was already imagining all the fun, useful ways I could repurpose the skull, and I’m definitely not one to pass up an amazing DIY project! (Plus, the duty-free price wasn’t too much of a deterrent!).

I’ve always had a weird (read: morbid) obsession with skulls. I have skull t-shirts, skull sweaters, skull rings, even a Betsey Johnson skull key chain! I don’t know what it is about them, I just think they make for such an edgy, modern look, especially when juxtaposed with girly, colourful things like pink flowers.

I had so much fun thinking of cute, unexpected ways to repurpose my skull! I love the idea of using it as a vase to hold flowers or anything else that might need organizing. It looks so much more modern, edgy and interesting than a regular vase, plus you’re saving money by finding two uses for one purchase.

Reusing old items is such a great way to add some fresh new décor to your home on a dime. And did I mention it’s so fun?!

Okay, I’m getting way too excited for my own good. Check out the gallery below to see six of my ideas for upcycling your crystal skull.


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