10 Scrumptious Ways to Incorporate Mini Eggs Into Your Easter Desserts


Easter is one of the loveliest holidays of the year. The weather finally starts warming up and it’s a great time to relax, recharge and spend time with family. While this is all wonderful, everyone knows that the best part about Easter is the Mini Eggs!

While Mini Eggs are sold all year round now (thank goodness!), I always seem to forget about them until Easter rolls around and sends me into a chocolate frenzy. There’s just something about the tiny treats that makes them completely addictive. Once I have one, there’s no stopping me! I don’t even mess around with the tiny packages anymore, I go straight to Bulk Barn and stock up with huge bags full of them.

There are so many cute, creative ways to cook using Mini Eggs, so why limit yourself to just snacking on them alone when you can incorporate them into all your Easter treats and desserts?! You can add the pastel-coloured eggs to any sweet treat from chocolate cupcakes to sugar cookies to make them cute, colourful and Easter-appropriate.

This Easter, amp up your favourite sweet treat with some heavenly Mini Eggs for a scrumptious (and cute!) dessert idea that your family and friends will love. Check out the gallery below for some ideas!

2 thoughts on “10 Scrumptious Ways to Incorporate Mini Eggs Into Your Easter Desserts

  1. Easter is one of my favourite holidays too! I love all the beuatiful pastel colours associated with it.
    And of course, loooove minieggs!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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