10 of the Sweetest, Most Creative Dessert Table Ideas

8bd0d4fb9031db17af397c21d31b37c5One of the best parts of any celebration also happens to be the sweetest – the dessert table! There are some super amazing, creative ways to deck out your dessert table and customize it to fit the theme of any event.

I love dessert tables that stick to lots of hues of the same colour. It makes for such a clean, uniform, eye-catching look. I also love the look of super rustic, natural dessert tables held up by old, distressed wooden barrels or crates and covered in lots of greenery (thick, lush garlands always look divine next to a naked cake!).

Luckily, there is an endless amount of sweets and candies out there to make your dessert table look just right. I am always overwhelmed by how many types and colours of candy there are at Bulk Barn – you can really accommodate any colour scheme just with sweets!

I’m all for decadent cupcakes, three-tiered cakes and tons of colourful treats. Life is short – we should all binge on something scrumptious once in a while (or at least every time someone we know is getting married!).

Check out the gallery below to see some lovely dessert table ideas.


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