Fun at the Paintlounge Blogger Party

Last night my friend from Eleven Buttercups and I went to a blogger party at Paintlounge. We had such a great night and all it took was a little push outside our comfort zone! If you haven’t heard of it, Paintlounge is a space where you and your friends can go to relax, paint and socialize (plus indulge on a few sweet treats and drinks from the café bar!). They call it social painting, a concept Paintlounge pioneered in Canada. Paintlounge has been named a top romantic date idea by and one of the top 30 rainy day activities by BlogTO. I definitely agree with them – social painting is a novel idea and it’s such a fun way to spend a night with friends. It’s also an awesome idea for bachelorette parties or team building events. Plus, they have tons of exciting events coming up like speed dating, espressions with live music and a special Mother’s Day contest to win a package including two painting sessions, two café drinks and a tea sampler gift – find out more on their website! Basically, how it works is that guests get to watch a little demo at the beginning of the session to get some idea of tricks and techniques (for those of us who haven’t painted since grade eight art, read: me) and then you just get to paint – it’s that simple! My friend painted a gorgeous flower with tons of depth and dimension (she’s a much better artist than me!) while I opted for a lilac mermaid tail. The lovely ladies at Paintlounge were so helpful and hands-on, walking around the room and giving little (much-needed) hints and tips. Not only was our time at Paintlounge so refreshingly different from your average Thursday night activity, but having the freedom to be creative and paint whatever we wanted while chatting with friends had such a calming, therapeutic aspect to it. There was something so zen about feeling the paintbrush glide across the canvas and seeing the gorgeous colours come to life before your eyes. We had such a lovely night at Paintlounge! I’m so glad I went despite my fear of being the worst artist there. Check out some of the pictures from last night in the gallery below!

Do you know of any fun date night or girls’ night activities that others might not have tried yet? Let me know in the comments!

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