11 Charming, Cozy English Cottages

bf97e94dfcf0c2eadd36796246ec5252I’ve always been so inspired by quintessential British charm, and lovely little English cottages in the countryside are no exception. There’s something so magical and enchanting about a tiny house tucked away behind a wild garden or a stonewall fence.

This style of homes always reminds me of a fairy tale or folklore story. They really evoke a simpler time, when people would pop over to their neighbour’s home for tea on their morning walk.

I’m all for modernity, but rustic English cottages have an indisputable, timeless charm. One day, I would love to own one of these little cottages and spend my days tending to the garden, going for walks and cozying up by the fire with a book and a cup of tea.

To me, the design element that really makes these cottages stand out is their big, wild, overgrown gardens, brimming with colour and life – and the houses below definitely don’t fall short of that! The gardens of England are incomparable to any other country’s, and the people who live there really take advantage of this fact. I would move to England just for the gardens!

Check out the gallery below to see some of the quaintest, most charming cottages around. Talk about curb appeal!

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