Gorgeous, Unexpected Ways to Incorporate Denim Into Your Wardrobe

4110243190503_092_bThis season, I’m seeing denim absolutely everywhere. The fabric isn’t only being used to make pants anymore – rompers, dresses, crop tops and more are all becoming fair game.

I’m super happy about this trend because not only is denim so wearable and comfortable, but it also makes for such a chic, effortless look. Plus, you can really go crazy with accessories because of its understated simplicity. I love seeing a chunky, colourful statement necklace paired with an all-denim outfit; it makes for such a sleek, striking look!

I think it’s so refreshing to see designers having fun with denim and using it in such unexpected ways. There’s something so stylish and interesting about seeing prints, fabrics and colours in different shapes and forms than the usual.

With all the new pieces I’ve been seeing lately, denim really is a no-brainer. It’s easier than ever to incorporate the material into your everyday look. As a Canuck, I’m proud to say that the Canadian tuxedo is most definitely in style!

Check out the items in the gallery below to see some gorgeous denim pieces for spring and summer.

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