5 of the Yummiest, Healthiest Açai Bowl Recipes

acai-berry-bowl2Açai bowls are all the rage right now. You know, those bowls you see on Instagram filled with a gooey, pink substance, granola and banana slices covering half of the concoction?

As artfully designed as they are, they’re also insanely healthy. Açai is a superfood berry found in South America. It’s packed with antioxidants and it’s been said that it can promote weight loss.

These beautiful bowls are packed with fibre and vitamins to kick start your day. They really make for the ideal breakfast meal.

One of the reasons why I love açai bowls (and smoothies and salads, for that matter!) is because you can improvise with your ingredients and really get creative.

Any fruit, nut, seed or superfood goes. Feeling a banana? Go for it! Craving some berries? Why not toss some in?!

The other day I topped my bowl off with some hemp and chia seeds for a little extra crunch. I’ve also added extra berries for when I’m craving something sweeter. The world is your açai bowl – make it your own!

Açai bowls are awesome for making sure you get a complete, balanced breakfast. You can basically hit all the essential food groups with your bowl – fruits, nuts, seeds and even veggies if you feel like adding some kale or spinach to it.

There are so many awesome açai bowl recipes, check out the gallery below for some inspiration, or create your own with your favourite ingredients!

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