Beautiful, useful crafts you can make using pressed flowers

de9de108001d1246b7f9c87b97b342e1When I was little, one of my favourite things to do in the spring was pick flowers and press them in a big book for safekeeping. There’s nothing more special than opening up that book years later to find a beautiful, dried-up bloom. It feels like you’ve tracked down some precious artifact from another time!

Plus, they really have such an antiquated, lovely look to them. To me, dried flowers and herbs always look like they belong in a mysterious witch’s kitchen or hanging by the fire in an old English cottage.

There are so many fun crafts and DIYs you can make using dried flowers. Recently I saw a painted egg DIY using pressed flowers on I think that part of the reason why the eggs look so sweet and simple is because all of the elements can be found in nature.

If you’re not into the whole craft thing, the simple look and pleasant fragrance of dehydrated blooms make them a lovely addition to any space regardless. Even if you just hang them from your kitchen cabinets, they can add such a beautiful, rustic element to your decor. And the best part about using dried flowers as decoration is that they can’t go bad or wilt!

So, what are you waiting for?! Press some lavender, rose petals or lilacs today so you can come across them in years to come – your future self will thank you!

For when the time comes, or if you already have some pressed flowers available, check out the gallery below to see some awesome DIYs for a laid-back Sunday afternoon.

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