15 jaw-dropping barn conversions that seamlessly blend old and new

Rustic elements blended with modern accents always makes for a stunning design aesthetic. There’s something so diverse and interesting-looking about clean lines and glass mixed with distressed wooden beams, or a massive stone fireplace with some contemporary chairs in front of it.

I always see this look done so right in converted barns. They provide the ideal rustic backdrop, so all you have to do is revamp it and add a few modern touches to create a stunning home filled with charm and history.

The best part is that barns already come with vast, open layouts, sprawling space and soaring ceilings. The insides always look so enormous because there are no dividing walls or clunky, awkward rooms.

There are so many ways to make your mark on an old building while preserving the original structure. I can see it now: a giant roaring fire, a butcher-block kitchen countertop and tons of comfy seating — the perfect setting for a lovely, cozy day in the country!

I’ve compiled a few of my favourite converted barns from around the net, check them out for some inspiration!


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