Five ways to improve your posture

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetSitting at a desk all day can really take a toll on your back, neck and overall posture. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, it’s so important to get up and stretch, walk around and just move your body every so often to steer clear of unhealthy habits.

I often find myself slouching after a long day of concentrating and crouching over my work. When I feel my back and neck contorting into an unnatural position, I always try to reverse the damage I’ve done by stretching and doing yoga.

It can be so beneficial to move your body into a different position than what it’s used to, even if it’s just for a half hour. At the end of the day, I get so excited to break away from a sitting position and get everything into motion again.

Just 20 minutes of yoga can really wake up your body and invigorate your senses. Trying different poses, stretches and movements is what keeps you lithe, nimble and in shape because it shakes everything up and keeps your body on its toes (literally!).

Having good posture is so crucial because in addition to making you look slimmer and leaner, it keeps everything in line and running smoothly. Check out my list of five things you can do to improve your posture (after all, we don’t want any hunchbacks of Notre Dame, do we?!):

1. Hit a yoga class

Stretch out your body with a relaxing yoga class. Not only will it improve your posture, but it will really help you unwind and centre yourself.

2. Try a ballet class

If you’ve ever seen a professional dancer, you’ll know that they have the best posture of anyone. Follow their lead and try out a beginner class or a ballet barre alternative.

3. Strengthen your abs and back

How can you stand up straight if you’re not strong enough to hold yourself up? Practice core and back strengthening exercises like supermans or leg lifts to optimize your muscle tone and ultimately improve your posture.

4. Try to walk across the room with a light object on your head

Improve your posture the good-old-fashioned way by balancing a book on your head. This will force you to stay straight and centered while you walk.

5. Wear tight clothes

I should really take my own advice on this one – I’m always wearing baggy clothes because of how comfortable they are, but they make it so easy for a slouchy posture to go unnoticed. Force yourself to sit up straight by wearing tight t-shirts and dresses that won’t let you conceal your bad habit.

Do you guys have any tips for strengthening your core and improving your posture? Let me know in the comments below!


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