Whimsical Wood: Gorgeous ways to make your backyard look like a woodland forest

Image via Styled by Emily Henderson

I’ve always admired the landscaping of the Yorkville area in downtown Toronto. The use of different woods, metals and interesting lines is so beautiful and modern-looking.

Some really amazing things can be done with wood in outdoor spaces – even teensy ones! In fact, a spunky wooden piece can make even more of a statement in a small space because they’re so much more compact and intimate.

Lately I’ve been watching the show Carver Kings on HGTV. It’s so mesmerizing watching the carvers shave away at big blocks of wood to eventually end up with a beautiful, intricate piece of art.

The show got me thinking – you don’t have to stick to conventional rectangular-shaped benches and tables for your backyard wood pieces. You can really be innovative with your use of the material, and the best part is that it always ends up looking beautiful and earthy (not to mention the awesome eco-friendly benefits!).

Placing an abstract, contemporary piece of wooden furniture or art in your outdoor space is a great way to strike the ideal balance between nature and modernity.

There are tons of gorgeous, understated wooden furniture pieces, accessories and trinkets you can incorporate into your oasis for an artful touch. Check out the gallery below for some ideas!

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