10 colourful, creative dessert table ideas

Some desserts are really more like works of art than food. Decorating things like donuts,  cupcakes and cakes has become one of the most creative and beautiful (not to mention sweet!) forms of expression out there.

With all the gorgeous, diverse options today, your dessert table doesn’t have to be boring! Spice it up with different colours, textures and shapes for a multi-dimensional, tantalizing look that will keep your guests coming back for more.

Have you ever seen those amazingly decadent donuts floating around on Instagram? You know, the ones with eight different toppings, textures and colours?

I think treats like those would make for a gorgeous, irresistible dessert table. Your guests won’t want to take their eyes off the display!

There’s a myriad of different treats and delectables you can offer your guests, and the number is only growing with all the inventive and creative ideas confectional artists are coming up with every day. You could even take part in the fun yourself and create your own desserts for a lovely, relaxing DIY!

For some inspiration, check out the amazing sweet treats below. Let me know which one you think you’d like best in the comments below!

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