Go green with these verdant home accessories

_7710132In the art of feng shui, the colour green symbolizes the earth element. Incorporating it into your home decor can help you feel grounded and centered, especially if you’re living high up in a condo or apartment building.

Not only can it help with physical feelings of anxiety or stress, but adding some green to your space can be so stylish and creative. It’s a great way to mix up your colour scheme and add some pops of unexpected vibrancy.

There are so many fun and unique pieces that come in every shade imaginable. From lime to forest to emerald, there’s an endless array of options available.

Even something as small as a little green pillow or area rug can add so much dimension and interest to a room. Personally, I’m loving quirky little trinkets like dark green potted plants, emerald urns or mini greenhouses for spring and summer — they’re the perfect way to accentuate a big, beautiful plant or bouquet.

With warmer weather coming, the colour can really help to cool down and summer-ify your whole house. Check out the gallery below for some ideas on how to incorporate the leafy hue into your home decor!


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