10 fresh, healthy recipes involving green peas

Photo: Bon Appetit

There are so many delicious fruits and veggies that are completely underrated. How often do you hear about someone cooking with papaya, fiddleheads or eggplant?

One of my absolute favourite veggies that everyone always seems to forget about is the pea. Ever since I was little I’ve loved podding a big bag of sweet peas and eating handfuls of them at a time. And whenever I went out for dinner with my family, I would literally order a big bowl of peas and nothing else — that’s how much I love them!

When they’re in season, they make for one of the most scrumptious, healthy snacks out there. Yet they always seem to get overlooked!

It’s for this reason that I’m taking it upon myself to become an official pea advocate. That’s right, I’m hereby promoting the adorable, little green veggies!

Not only are they super sweet and easy to pop in your mouth, they make for the perfect side to any balanced meal. Full of vitamins, fibre and antioxidants, peas can be an ultra-nutritious, energizing addition to your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

In light of my new position as pea promoter, check out a few delicious meals you can whip up using peas in the gallery below — you’ll wonder why you don’t cook with them more often!

Do you guys have a favourite fruit or veg that you think deserves more love? Let me know in the comments!

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