Refreshing mermaid splash recipe

Drink recipes mermaidDuring the summer, there’s nothing better than sipping on a refreshing spritzer while tanning by the pool. I’m all for anything fresh, cool and sweet — and today’s mermaid splash drink recipe checks all those boxes!

Naturally, the mermaid splash had to be blue to match the ocean, so I chose a blue liqueur to give it some colour and extra flavour. Here are all the ingredients I used:

White rum
Kiwi for garnishing

I chose white rum as the main liquor because it always reminds me of pirates and oceanside retreats, but I also wanted the drink to be lightly coloured so I stuck with white instead of black. The sprite added a little bit of sweetness, while the kiwi finished off the look (even though it kind of sunk to the bottom!). I also threw in tons of ice to make sure it was cold and refreshing.

Everyone loved my mermaid splash and it made for the perfect poolside treat! What do you guys like to drink on warm summer days?

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