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Book review: Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Book reviewEvery so often, you read something that puts the magic back into words. Reading Stardust by Neil Gaiman reminded me of why I love books so much, and the effect they can have on my mood and thoughts.

The vivid characters, whimsical setting and ingenious ideas in the book (who thinks of personifying a fallen star?!) set my imagination running wild. It provided the perfect escape from the everyday, and encapsulated all the beauty and wonder of Faerie.

The book is essentially about a boy who falls in love with a beautiful girl from his village (a charming, English countryside village, no less) and promises to retrieve a fallen star for her to win her love. He journeys into Faerie and meets plenty of magical characters, discovering much about himself and what he desires in the process.

I won’t share more than that about the plot because I’m encouraging you to grab a copy and read Stardust for yourself. It’s such an enchanting story to read under a tree or by the water, and it really transported me to the enchanting world of Faerie.

Another reason I loved it so much was because Gaiman portrays Faerie exactly the way I imagine it. So many books and movies reduce fairies to silly little creatures with wings and a mischievous demeanor, but Gaiman knows that there’s more to it than that.

Finally, Gaiman is just an exceptional writer. Before I read Stardust, I had read another one of his works, The Graveyard Book, and I was immediately struck by his clean writing style, vibrant imagination and expert storytelling skills.

Stardust was just a joy to read! Finding books that revive my love for reading and awaken my imagination is such a treat.

I found it so inspiring and refreshing to find an adult novel that took the Faerie world seriously (but not too seriously — it is Faerie after all!), and I’d love to find more! Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!

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