Five ways to depuff swollen eyes

Cucumber depuffingOne of the most frustrating beauty conundrums in existence is swelling around the eyes. It instantly makes you look dull, tired and almost sick.

There’s nothing worse than heading to brunch after a night full of too much bubbly with a serious case of the puffy eyes. It always incites a few curious glances and backhanded remarks like “aw, you look tired!”

The phenomenon of puffy eyes happens for a few reasons. It can happen after crying because your tear glands are swollen with activity, or it can be a product of fluid retention if you’re dehydrated. Personally, I often find myself getting puffy eyes after a late night or a grueling plane ride.

Whatever the reason for your puffy eyes, I have a few tried-and-true remedies I use to get rid of them ASAP. Placing something cool on your eyes is generally the best way to make the swelling go down because it reduces inflammation, but there are a couple of creative (and relaxing!) ways to put this plan into action.

Check out the list below to see my tips for depuffing swollen eyes:

1. Cucumbers!

It’s old school, but it really works! There’s a reason why the phrase “cool as a cucumber” exists. Place a couple of cucumber slices on your eyes for a lovely, cooling sensation and a refreshed look.

2. Depuffing eye cream

Olay Fresh Effects makes a great eye-awakening cream with a cooling, metal applicator.

3. Drink water

If your puffy eyes are indeed caused by fluid retention, then drinking plenty of H2O should help to remedy the problem. Taking a nap if needed can also do the trick, but sadly, this isn’t always an option because of you know, life commitments and whatever.

4. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask

This mask is super lovely and calming. I love using it when my face feels hot or inflamed (it’s great for fixing puffy eyes caused by deadly hangovers!).

5. Chilled spoons

It sounds odd, but placing a couple of spoons in the fridge or freezer and then holding them on your eyelids can feel amazing. Plus, it’s completely free!

How do you like to freshen up and depuff your eyes? Let me know in the comments!


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