I drank dandelion root tea every day for a week: here’s what happened

Dandelion root teaToday marks the sixth day in a row that I’ve been sipping on as much dandelion root tea as I can handle, and I think it’s safe to say that it’s my new liquid obsession. I feel more energized, more relaxed and a lot less bloated.

A little while ago, I didn’t even know that dandelion root tea was a thing. It sounded super gross in comparison to my regular sweetened English Breakfast, but I gave it a try because I had heard that it was the main ingredient in Jillian Michaels’s famous detox drink. I had also heard that it had amazing cleansing and healing properties, so the deal was sealed: I would try a week-long dandelion root tea cleanse.

I’ve never been super turned on to the idea of cleanses — the amount of time I’m willing to wait in between meals being about two hours — but this seemed like the type of cleanse that I could handle. All I had to do was drink a couple of cups of tea a day without changing my eating habits.

Over the weekend, I made a pot of tea and let it sit in the fridge with ice in it because it was super hot out. It ended up being a surprisingly refreshing, yummy drink, especially considering that it’s made out of the weeds you find in your local park.

For the rest of the week, I made a cup of the stuff after my workout to wind down before bed. I somehow felt like the tea increased the benefits I was getting from my workout because it gave my body that final detoxing push.

I also filled a huge water bottle full of tea and brought it to work to sip on throughout the day. It felt good drinking it around the clock, and I’m no doctor, but it also seemed to be keeping my metabolism in check (read: I was already hungry just a couple hours after eating breakfast!).

Overall, my week of dandelion root tea made me feel significantly less bloated and cleaned out. I think one of the tea’s biggest benefits is the way it helps along your digestive system.

I’ll definitely continue to drink dandelion root tea throughout the week, especially after I’ve overindulged on a big meal or when I feel bloated. It’s also just a yummy, comforting bevy to sip on in between meals or at night before you go to sleep.

Have you ever tried a teatox or something similar? I’d love to hear about your experience below!

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