Soul Sunday: Guided fairy meditation

Fairy healing meditationYesterday, I decided to do something a little different for my meditation practice. Thinking nothing would come of it, I searched for a guided fairy meditation in hopes of finding something a little more esoteric and enchanting than your everyday guided meditation.

Right away, two viable options presented themselves to me. And better yet, they were from one of my favourite sources for guided meditations: The Honest Guys.

As soon as I saw who created the videos, I knew they would be amazing. I listened to both of them, and I instantly felt more relaxed and totally inspired. For a few minutes, they transported me to another world full of magic and whimsy.

Sometimes it can be so beneficial to step outside of your reality for a moment to gain an improved perspective on things. We tend to get so close to our problems that we can’t see the solution, even if it’s super obvious.

Meditation is such a great way to relax and unwind — especially when it feels like a mini vacation to another world. Plus, as I’ve noted before, The Honest Guys are a lovely source for calming meditations and I was so pleased to find out that they had two guided meditations involving fairies and magic.

Without further ado, check out two awesome guided fairy meditations here and here to escape into a realm full of magic and relaxation.


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