Three ways to live in the moment

MeditationIt’s been said time and time again that living in the moment is the key to happiness. But all too often I find myself stressing over an assignment that’s due in a week or kicking myself over something I did months ago.

It can be incredibly hard to stay centered and focus on the present moment, but when you can, it makes colours brighter, sounds sweeter and scents fresher. The times when you’re able to forget about everything in the past and future and simply enjoy are the times that become beautiful memories.

Only when you’re free of intangible events that only exist in another timeframe can you truly live life. And yet, so many of us (including me) find this so challenging.

It can be impossibly hard to step outside of yourself and see the situation for what it is. There have been so many moments in my life that I’ve taken for granted and let go without a thought, only to find later on that I should have savoured them.

Check out the list below to see three different ways you can learn to live in the moment:

1. Don’t worry about things you can’t change

This also applies to things you’re not specifically dealing with in the moment. What’s the point of stressing over something you have to do at work next week if you’re out with your friends? Stressing over the situation won’t change it, and you’re only squandering the time you have.

2. Clear your mind

Meditation is one of the best ways to make sure you’re living in the moment. When you clear your head of worries and thoughts, that’s when you really begin to open up, relax and enjoy the present.

3. Focus on the little things

When you’re in a moment that you know is special, take mental notes of your surroundings so you can really soak them up. Focus on tangible things like the smell of the rain on the road, the feeling of the sun shining down on your back or the taste of the ice cream melting on your hands. When you take time to notice the things that are real instead of intangible concepts, it makes the moment so much richer.

How do you like to live in the moment? Let me know in the comments below!


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