Relaxing in Prince Edward Island

IMG_0918Today I flew to one of my favourite places in the world: Prince Edward Island! My family has a farm here and we have lots of ties to the Island (my grandfather grew up here and my great-grandfather was once premier of the province!).

My family and I have been visiting every summer since I was born, and the place really holds a special place in my heart. I never tire of doing the silly tourist things like going to see the Anne of Green Gables play or indulging in ice cream at Cows, and I’m so proud to say I’m connected to this beautiful place.

My aunt has been living here for the past couple of years. She’s fixed up the farmhouse beautifully, and the new improvements have made it all the more fun to visit.

We arrived at about 1pm thanks to the amazing invention of flying, which we usually forego in favour of driving the full 17 hours. (Why, you ask? Good question! We always seem to forget how gruelling the trip is, plus, by the time the summer season comes around we’re super excited for a lengthy road trip).

Already since we’ve been here, we’ve gotten our fill of greasy fried clams and lobster rolls as well as bubblegum ice cream from Cows. As I write this, I’m sitting back and enjoying the lovely atmosphere of the farm listening to the sounds of crickets chirping, trees blowing and wind chimes tinkling.

It’s so amazing what a trip outside the city can do for your senses. I feel so calm and relaxed looking at the sun shining through the birch trees and watching the puppy run and play (something you don’t see very often in downtown Toronto!).

I’m so excited to do all the things that always make it onto my PEI itinerary. Stay tuned to see a few more posts on my favourite things to do on the island!

What destination holds a special place in your heart? Let me know in the comments! And check out a few pictures of my day below:


IMG_0982I’ve always wanted a veggie garden!


IMG_0944How awesome is her screened-in porch?!


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