Soaking up the sun at Thunder Cove in PEI

IMG_1364Today we set out at about noon to make the trip to Thunder Cove Beach. We had seen some alluring Instagrams of the most stunning arched rock formation by the shore, and we knew we had to go to snap a few pictures of our own.

The drive was pretty long, but once we arrived we knew it was worth it. The dunes provided a gorgeous, green frame for the deep blue ocean, and the red rocks and sand beckoned us to go explore.

After a bit of searching and scrambling up and down steep foothills, we finally found the rock formation that had intrigued us. A large hole had been formed in the rocks overtime, creating a sort of arbor or passageway.

It immediately made me think of portals into another world, which are usually made out of natural holes or doors found in nature. I felt like the formation definitely had some sort of spiritual significance, if not for its beauty, then for its uncanny appearance of a doorway into a magical realm and its perfect, triangular shape.

The waves lapped against the red rocks, creating the most calming atmosphere to sit and read. As the sun beat down, I looked around at the red rocks contrasting with the bright blue sky and felt so grateful for the gorgeous day.

IMG_1466There’s something so therapeutic and awe-inspiring about being beside the ocean. Playing in the waves and staring out at the endless abyss left me speechless and so inspired.

The ocean always reminds me of the endless possibilities in this life and the magical powers of nature. I felt so humbled and happy to be one with such a great force — it really just makes all your troubles melt away with the realization of its vastness and its strength.

Walking along the surf, I noticed a few charming cottages dotted along the top of the cliff. I think it would be so amazing to live there for an entire summer just writing, meditating and appreciating the beauty of nature.

As for today, it was so lovely to play among the rocks and listen to the whispers of the ocean. Do you know of any magical spots around the world that you feel resonate with you spiritually? Let me know in the comments below!


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