Wandering around Victoria by the Sea, PEI

IMG_1283There’s something so irresistible to me about village-like atmospheres with adorable coloured houses and old-fashioned shops. Victoria by the Sea in PEI is really the epitome of old-world charm and tight-knit coziness — I could walk around the area all day, even though it’s just a few blocks!

The little community is right on the water and full of brightly coloured houses and shops. There are hardly any cars there except for a few tourists and it has such a sleepy, relaxing atmosphere, making it the perfect spot for a summer beach retreat.

One of the landmarks of the village is the big lighthouse by the water, but there are dozens of other little gems scattered throughout. Some of my favourites are the Island Chocolates shop, the Coach House antique shop and the Sea Nest candle shop (it’s the size of a fairy’s house, bright blue and filled with gorgeous, ethereal candles, what’s not to love?!).

If you ever get to visit Victoria, one thing you must do is have a taste of the chocolate coffee at the chocolate shop — it’s really to die for! Gazing out at the view of the sea while you sip on it isn’t bad either.

Victoria by the Sea is so unique and captivating to me. I’m always so excited to walk along the streets overgrown with wildflowers and imagine myself living in one of the bright pink or blue cottages.

Do you know of any enchanting, old-fashioned villages around the world? I’d love to put them on my list of places to visit!



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