Five Things to Take Away from Steven D. Farmer’s Earth Magic

IMG_1820I just finished Earth Magic: Ancient Shamanic Wisdom for Healing Yourself, Others and the Planet by Steven D. Farmer,  and I learned so much about some super interesting concepts. The book was packed with information about shamanism, rituals, nature spirits and more.

I’ve always taken an interest in ancient wisdom and spiritual practices of different cultures. The thing I find the most captivating is that more often than not, all of the sacred traditions have at least one or two things in common.

I really think this says something about the truth of the earth and reality, especially considering the fact that many of these cultures lived on opposite ends of the world in a time when phones and computers didn’t exist to spread knowledge. I think it can be so illuminating to learn about other religious traditions and cultures, if not to learn something about our current cultural climate, than to learn something about ourselves as individuals.

Without further ado, here are five morsels I took away from the book:

1. Everyone has a spirit animal. I had often heard people mention spirit animals in pop culture or on social media in a joking way, but I hadn’t stopped to consider that this was a real belief for many people. In the book, Farmer explains that everyone is born with a spirit animal, usually in the form of a wild animal like a wolf or a fox, and if you ignore it for too long, it goes away.

2. There are ways of finding your spirit animal. Don’t worry if you’ve ignored your spirit animal for too long! Farmer explains that you can rekindle your relationship with your spirit animal by getting a shamanic practitioner to retrieve it for you or through meditation.

3. There are three worlds: the upper world, the middle world and the lower world. Each of these worlds has different characteristics and beings, and they can be visited through sacred shamanic rituals.

4. You can lose a part of your soul from a traumatic experience or an intense relationship. Farmer calls this soul loss, and it can be caused by anything from a needy boyfriend to childhood abuse. But this, too can be fixed by working with a shamanic healer.

5. Healing practices can be done from long distances away. Farmer said that because our DNA is intertwined, even if we’re physically far away from one another, shamanic healers can still help people from a different city or country.

Interesting stuff, huh? Don’t take my word for it, though. Take a read of Earth Magic yourself and let me know what you think!

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