Denim on denim + black fur

IMG_2860There’s nothing more comfortable than soft denim. Once a pair of jeans has been broken in, there’s no going back — I fall victim to wearing them multiple days in a row!

That’s become the case with these light blue Rag & Bone jeans. They’re so soft and comfortable, I can’t resist pairing them with every top I own, including this denim button-up from J.Crew.

Because it’s starting to get cold, I paired this outfit with a black faux fur snoot from Juicy Couture and black booties. I love the look of black accents for fall and winter!

While denim on denim can easily end up looking tragic, I think the key is to steer clear of getting too matchy-matchy. I like the look of different denim washes mixed together with accessories in a bolder hue like black or brown; it creates an effortless look you can wear anywhere. The Canadian Tuxedo can look pretty chic if you do it right!

Check out more pictures of my look below:

How do you like to wear denim on denim? Let me know in the comments!


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