Modern-Day Witch

IMG_4382Today’s look is inspired by modern-day witches. I’ve always been so interested in anything enchanting, magical or witchy, (I even wrote a paper on it for an Elizabethan history class! The 17th century was NOT a good time to be a witch!!) and so I often draw inspiration from this idea for my outfits.

Black is obviously a go-to choice for witches, so I chose a black hat and a black waffle top from FP. This top is so comfortable, warm and soft and it’s also so versatile! I’ve been a wearing it with absolutely everything.

I paired it with my FP flares because a) I think they’re so flattering and b) I also adore anything 70s inspired. These jeans are so fun to wear because they make me feel like a hippie or a boho rocker.

Finally, my favourite part of this outfit was my jewelry. To complete the witchy look, I donned not one, not two, but THREE crystal pendants from the Rock Store and House of Energy. You know what this means: ultra-magnified witchcraft powers! I seriously can’t get enough of crystals, I wish I could fill my whole house with their positive vibes and energy.

What do you guys think of this look? Check out more pics below:

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