I’m Now a Certified Fairyologist!


Today, I’m so excited to share some very ~magical~ news with you all. I’ve officially completed Doreen Virtue’s amazing course, and I’m now certified as one of the world’s first Fairyologists!

I learned some super enchanting things about faeries and their history in the course, and I also came to understand the mission of these powerful beings. The faeries want to help us be the best versions of ourselves we can be, but they also want to help us heal the environment and the planet by growing more conscious of how we treat it.

Now that I’m a Fairyologist, I’ll be writing and blogging about the faeries a lot more, and offering suggestions on how we can work with them to improve ourselves and the world. You may have noticed that in recent months, my blog has taken on more of a spiritual slant, and taking this course has given me the confidence I needed to really go for it and create the brand I’ve always wanted.

I know some people may find this odd or eccentric, but I truly have had a special affinity for the faeries since I was a little girl, and I’m so grateful that I can now use my ever-evolving blog to teach others about their world. Moving forward, I’ll be writing a weekly blog post on my spiritual journey with a special focus on the faeries and what they can teach us about love, life and the earth.

I’m so excited to embark on this new leg of my journey, and I’m so thankful for all of you who have stuck with me through it all! Feel free to comment on this post with any questions about the faeries or my rebranding.

Love, light & blessings,


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  1. Congratulations on your certificate (even though this was posted 8 months ago). I love my fairy oracle deck and have been looking into the fairyologist course, curious about it’s benefits. Any advice on the things you liked or did not like about Doreen’s course?


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