Technicolour Summer


Today was a boiling hot one, so I decided to don the breeziest summer outfit I could find. Summer in Toronto really never gets old, especially seeing as it only comes around for a couple months a year!

June, July and August are the only months I can get away with dressing like a California girl, so of course I’m going to make the most out of it while I can. I’m loving this colourful Indian-inspired skirt with ruching at the top — it’s so breezy and cheerful! Also, this Free People camisole top comes in so handy to wear with anything high-waisted.

I’m heading out for a Father’s Day BBQ today, but tomorrow is my very first day on the job at Weddingbells mag! I’m so excited to start my first official job outside of university, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be doing something creative with great people. Stay tuned for updates along the way as I live this little thing called life (and dress accordingly!).

Check out more pictures of my colourful ensemble below!


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