Five Ways to Up Your Wellness Game This Summer

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This summer has been a super busy one for me. Between graduating, travelling, and beginning a new job at Weddingbells magazine, I’ve barely had any time to blog. I’ve also been focusing on getting some creative time in every day, eating healthy and working out, so my schedule is pretty packed!

But when inspiration hits, you can’t ignore it. While I’m by no means a health expert, guru, or nutritionist, I do love to swap tips and tricks for feeling vibrant, energetic and well. Today I’m sharing five tips for upping your wellness game this summer, and I’d love it if you’d share yours, too!

  1. Run to your yoga or fitness studio. If you’re already heading to the gym or a fitness class a few times a week, why not amp up your routine by running there instead of driving? I just started running to yoga classes, and it makes the surge of endorphins that much more rewarding — before you even get your workout going!
  2. Try using essential oils. Whether in a diffuser or simply dabbed onto your wrist as a fragrance, working with essential oils can be a lovely way to up your mood and clean the air in your space. I’m always diffusing Saje’s immune boosting oil to create a calm, clean and relaxing environment for yoga or reading.
  3. Head to a yin yoga class. Our culture is programmed to be go-go-go-ing all the time, so you might be averse to taking time out of your busy day to slow down and do something restful. Yin yoga, a practice of yoga that involves holding passive stretches for three-to-five minutes, is one of my favourite things to do to relax, and I think pretty much everyone I know could benefit from heading to a class! (Toronto people: the yin classes at Downward Dog on Queen West are heavenly).
  4. Get outside and be present. There’s no better doctor than Mother Nature, and no better medicine than fresh air, plants and trees. I always feel so much better after going for a walk or a run in nature–it clears my head, slows me down and makes me so grateful for everything I have.
  5. Grab an unsweetened iced tea at Starbs. I literally live off iced unsweetened green teas in the summer! They’re refreshing, hydrating, and completely guilt-free. Another yummy one to try is the unsweetened passion tea with coconut milk instead of water. I love indulging on that one after dinner as a dessert-like treat.

What are you doing this summer to up your wellness game? Let me know in the comments below!

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