Turning Shadow Into Light

Life moves in an endless cycle of shadow and light and back to shadow again. Learning to flow with these rhythms and take the good with the bad is so important, and I’m only just discovering how to really enjoy the highs while truly accepting the lows of life. Because let’s face it — life isn’t always all sunshine and roses, but when it is, it’s such a gift to feel grateful and joyful for all that you have.

So how do we look on the bright side when we feel like we’re walking in shadow? I have a few strategies in place for when I start to feel down, and I’ve shared my three favourites with you below!

  • Run or do cardio until you feel the endorphins kick in. When you’re feeling down, it can feel impossible to get yourself up and moving, but I promise this really works! Endorphins are real, and I’m definitely addicted to the feel-good high I get when I run at a good pace. You can also use this one as a preventative to the blues by incorporating a quick jog into your daily routine (it’s even better when you start your day with a run, but if you’re like me, morning work outs just aren’t your thing!).
  • Listen to music. I always feel so much better when I listen to an upbeat tune with an empowering message, and it’s even better when you mix it with exercising! My latest favourite is Lose Yourself by Eminem — I know, it’s super old, but it’s an absolute no-brainer for running, crunches, or just getting amped up on life!
  • Meditate and let yourself just be. Sometimes we get so caught up in the little dramas of life, it’s best to take a step away from it all and just breathe. I like to sit in stillness just before bed to quiet my mind and tap into my eternal self — the one with no name, age, or position in life. It really sets you up for a clear head and a better mood, and all you have to do is relax!

What do you do when you’re feeling like a dark cloud has descended over your head? Let me know in the comments!

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