Life Lessons We Can Learn from the Fairies 

I’ve always felt a super strong connection to the world of fairies. When I was little, I spent my time in the garden, searching for the tiny beings of light, and now that I’m 22, I still haven’t grown out of my affinity for them.

I recently became one of the world’s first Fairyologists with Doreen Virtue (the authority on angels, fairies, mermaids and all other magical creatures!), and now I’m officially certified to write and speak about the fairies. The world of the fae is magical, playful, and often nonsensical, but I believe that we humans could learn a thing or two from these fun-loving beings.

Learning about the fairies has been a lifelong passion of mine, and the best part is that there’s always more to learn from this energetic plane. The fairies live in a separate time-space dimension from us, but they’re always just beyond the veil, hidden from sight. While they may be invisible, when you really tap into your true nature, you can feel them and see them through your imagination.

Over the years, I’ve learned a few things about these magical beings and their ways, so below are five life lessons we can learn from the fae:

1. Be more playful. Known for their lighthearted approach to living, the fairies are always looking for a laugh, a game, or some mischief. One of the best lessons we can learn from the fairies is to let go a little and stop taking life so seriously. Once you begin to relax and have fun with life, doors will open for you and most importantly, you’ll enjoy yourself!

2. Honour nature (this means yourself, too!). The fairies are protectors of the natural world including forests, bodies of water, and animals, (duh, haven’t you ever seen the Tinkerbell movies?) so it’s important to them that humans do the same. Be kind to the earth, and go for long walks in nature (the more wild the landscape, the better!) to get in touch with spirit and your higher self. Not only will you feel so much better afterwards, but the fairies will definitely thank you, too! But while you’re out frolicking in nature, don’t forget to honour yourself as an integral part of the larger web of life here on earth. Self care is so important, and it’s something most of us deny ourselves all too often.

3. Change it up. Fairies are shapeshifters, which means they can change their appearance according to their mood, the weather, or the person who is watching them. I like to think of this as a reminder for we humans to change and adapt according to our environments, and never stay stagnant. I think it’s important to maintain many different elements of our personalities by constantly learning new skills, working on creative projects, and reading a wide variety of books. Be a shapeshifter in life and you’ll never be bored!

Have you ever connected with the fairies? Can you think of any other life lessons they’d like us to learn? Let me know in the comments below!

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